The 4 greatest martial arts influencers of all time

In this modern day and age, it is common to hear of the phrase we never know which lives we influence, or when, or why. This is especially true to when you think about it, for example, the greatest martial artist of all time never knew how they would change martial arts as a whole. In fact they have really shaped the sport and had an influence on many people to take up the sport. Here is a list of some of the world-renown martial artist.

1. Chuck Norris

Many of us grew up watching him act in various shows that really shaped up the movie industry. He, in fact trained in the art of Tang Soo Do where he became a black belt. Moreover, he also holds a number of other black belts like taekwondo, Brazilian jujitsu and Judo, where he invented his own fighting technique Chuk Kun Do. Chuck Norris is also a world Professional middleweight karate champion, a title that he held for about six years. In this middleweight reign, he managed to defeat some renown martial art greats like Allen Steen, Joe Lewis.

2. Bruce Lee

He is somewhat one of the greatest martial arts actors of all time. He is remembered vividly for the roles he played in “The Way of the Dragon” and “Enter the Dragon.”Lee trained in boxing, judo, jujitsu, and Filipino arts. He greatly influenced martial arts by utilizing his own style of fight using what works. Jeet Kune Do, is regarded as his signature form of martial arts which utilized practical street fighting techniques. This made him to be recognized as “the father of mixed martial arts.”Serving both as an actor and a martial arts great he has truly influenced many to take up the sport.

3. Masahiko Kimura

Kimura is especially remembered for the fighting style of Kimura in which he was able to defeat his opponent, Kracie, by breaking his arm in a conquest in Brazil. Further, he made outstanding leaps in the art by being promoted to Yondan at merely the age of fifteen years after just six years of practice. He also became the youngest Godan fighter after defeating a jaw-dropping number of eight opponents in Kodokan Dojo. This achievements were all influenced by his workout rate where he would do a massive number of a thousand push ups and indulge in nine hours of daily practice. Kimura is greatly remembered for influencing the art of martial arts through body building.

4. Chojun Miyagi

You probably recall the movie, “Karate Kid” in which one special trainer known as Miyagi trained a young boy. Well, in the movie if you observe keenly you will notice a new form of fighting. This is what Miyagi introduced into the sport. It is known as Goju-ryi-Karate, whereby both Chinese and Japanese martial arts are blended into hard-soft style techniques.

The above martial artists are some of the best to ever grace the field of Karate. They have influenced many other greats into taking up the art with their various talented skill set. They will truly remain icons in martial arts.

3 Major Discoveries of Exercising and Nutrition in 2018

Exercising and nutrition are one of the key aspects considered in a healthy life. Over years scientists have made considerable efforts which have acted as milestones when it comes to maintaining good health. 2018 by itself has seen exceptional discoveries made in the line of exercising and nutrition all with the aim of improving the health of humanity. Some of the new discoveries made over the year 2018 have been discussed in depth below.

1. The use of vitamin supplements to enhance weight loss in obese children

Obesity over years has been a great problem affecting children from all walks of life due to poor nutrition and considerable efforts against it have been made over years. However, scientists have now discovered that the use of vitamin supplements on children suffering from this condition may aid in enhancing weight loss as well as reducing risk factors of future heart or metabolic disease. This research was brought about by the discovery that deficiency of vitamin D is linked with an increase in the accumulation of body fat and obesity.

Though not yet approved, the tests carried out in the research displayed positive results showing that the thesis might be sure.

2. Asthma may be linked to childhood obesity

An international study carried out by USC scientists shows that toddlers suffering from asthma are more likely to grow into obese children. Over years, obesity has been considered as a precursor of asthma instead of the other way round. This was achieved after a very large study about early-onset asthma and obesity which involved more than 20,000 youths in Europe and the results were positive about the effect of asthma in causing obesity. From this study, physicians can now come up with ways to intervene and treat the condition given that asthma affects approximately 6.5 million children.

With these achieved, children will be able to grow up healthy and enjoy their adult lives.

3. Low copper levels can be associated with the fattening of fat cells

Copper is one of the most significant minerals in the human body given that it facilitates a number of processes such as the formation of pigment in both hair and eye color as well as the formation of new blood vessels and its imbalances bring about a number of disorders.

The latest research on mouse cells by John Hopkins show that low levels of cellular copper tend to fatten the fat cells. This is brought about by the altering of how cells process their major metabolic fuels which are fat and sugar. The test showed that copper-deprived cells grew into almost double their size and contained a higher level of lipids compared to cells grown under conditions which were copper-adequate. This proves the dangerous effects of having a deficiency of cellular copper.

Apart from the discoveries mentioned above, many more scientific discoveries have been made and we still expect more to come up in the course of the year regarding improving the nutrition of humanity. It is without doubt that Scientists are really making a commendable effort in ensuring they come up with better ways to improve our health.

4. Exercising and intense martial arts training

In recent years, there has been a great big war on the fat and obesity trend that carried from the early 2000’s to today, but this is quickly changing and people are striving to get fit.

There are so many every day stresses to life as you get older and have to count all of your responsibilities and stay on top of a billion things, along with the rise in social media and an instant-reward tech world, people are feeling more depressed and lonely than ever before due to community and social breakdowns.

Martial arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, HIIT, MMA, and others have helped a lot of people not only feel more competent, but also relieve high levels of stress from every day life, jobs, parenting, and to better themselves as people and be kinder to others by giving them a great release. Additionally, as it gets harder to meet people socially as you get older, being able to meet people through martial arts training gyms is another great benefit. People have reported improved levels of concentration and focus, depression alleviation, and a better handle on their life in general.